The most popular form of motor sport in Britain, perhaps because it involves ordinary-looking cars. It involves two people working together: a driver and a co-driver/navigator, and the cars normally run at one-minute intervals, competing against the clock rather than directly against each other.

While very specialised cars are required for top-level special stage rallying, unmodified, everyday cars can be used for simple road events, making this an accessible sport without the expense of stage events.

Another major attraction of rallying is that it takes place throughout Great Britain. Although most special stage events take place in less populated areas, road rallies are held even in the Home Counties.

The basis of such events – the special stage – is a stretch of road closed to all other traffic, which must be covered at a high average speed.

In most of Great Britain (the exceptions are Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Mull, the Channel Islands and the roads used by the Jim Clark Memorial Rally), public roads are not available for this purpose; so special stage events use private land, frequently Forestry Commission roads, disused airfields or even Military Ranges.

Linking the special stages are sections of public road, where the required average speed is low (usually 30mph or slower).

Because of these sections, all competing cars must be properly taxed, tested and insured.

One requirement for all aspects of Motorsport is to be a member of a motor club. This entitles you to apply for an M.S.A. (Motor Sports Association) license, which in turn permits you to drive or co-drive in a rally car. Being part of a club gives you access to people with the same interests and also their knowledge on building, buying, maintaining and rallying many types of cars. Tynemouth has various competitors competing in clubman Nova, World Rally Cars and even the famous Metro6R4.

Rallies would not run without marshalls and organisers, they are highly regarded and appreciated by competitors. As a Marshall you gain entrance to many non-spectator venues and get close to the action. You also get into all venues free of charge, all you need to do is turn up, sign on and enjoy a days motorsport. Organising a rally is a huge task and any assistance in this area is always appreciated. Our existing team will show you the ropes and work with you to achieve our aim, which is a well organised motorsport event which both the competitors and the organisors will enjoy running.

Co-driving is something many people take up as it is all the fun without the cost of running a car. A stomach of steal and a level head under pressure are probably the best qualities. Once again many members are co-drivers and will help you by providing the support you need to get started.

You may also have seen the cars in service area being fixed. Many of the service crew are not professional mechanics and learn their trade fixing the cars when they have been crashed, broken or maimed!

As a driver you obviously need a car whether you purchase something prepared or build from scratch. Our members have bought and built cars ranging from Escorts, Novas, Astras, Cosworths, Peugeots, Metro 6R4s and many more. If you fancy yourself as the next superstar then come along to the clubhouse and find out what it is all about. The club members meet every Monday Evening at 8:30pm